Vie: to strive against for success and/or greatness.

The heart behind Vie Industries is for athletes – to support them and their progression in a sport they love. When athletes work to advance in a sport, they vie with opposition on many fronts. For example: fear, weather, or other athletes, support from family and friends, etc. Vie Industries exists to support athletes at every level and on every front, to champion their dedication to excel at a sport as well as their desire to better themselves.

Not only for the next up-an-comer intent on winning the next big contest, Vie is also for the person who found something they love and simply want to be the best they can be. Vie desires to help encourage all athletes in a positive way to push beyond the limits of their own comfort zone, to help someone up when they fall, to be a voice that says “try it again, you almost had it”.

An undeniable element of danger exists in sports – and for some, the greater the danger, the greater the magnet. Vie’s vision is to provide products and services for people to not only stay active and pursue their passions, but to also implement the tools, experience and insights that promote safety.

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